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Copper Jug


Copper Jug (4 pc)

Polished Copper Jug with 4 Glasses

The item mentioned is Jug with 4 Glasses made of pure copper. A flower pattern embroidered on the center of the items gives the jug and the glasses a very Swadesi look.

So why copper you would ask?

Apart from being a good show piece, this copper jug can be used for storing water. It is said that water gets naturally purified when you store it in a copper vessel.

Let’s read the science behind it!

Not only Vedas but our scientist also says that it has antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps neutralize the toxicity of our body.

When you drink 2 to 3 glasses of water that has been stored in a copper vessel you easily supply copper to your body.

If one practices to drink water from a copper jug every morning, daily, empty stomach, he will get a positive effect on his body. Copper ensures proper functioning of different organs and several metabolic processes.

So I would suggest you try this Copper jug that is listed along with several other products on the website. These copper jugs are made of best quality sheet metal which is 96% pure copper.

You can buy this copper jug here https://www.swadesi.com/shop/kitchen-dining/dinnerware/copper-jug-with-6-glasses-427.html


Amay Varma


Rajasthani Handmade Elephant Marble


Rajasthani Handmade Elephant Marble Handicraft 146

Swadesi Craft is a creative expression of culture.

Little India brings to you this handcrafted Rajasthani Meenakari Elephant, made of pure Makrana marble (sang-marmar), gold painted and decorated with colourful beads.

This masterpiece will surely enhance your home decor.

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~Ifrah Tanweer

Go rocky dokey with these handicrafts


What if someone visits you, and you have nothing but to show your home which is unattractive, non-embellished and a boring place to live in. Don’t let the guests talk your ear off by insulting your style of living.
Embellish your house with must having handicrafts at your home. The “Rock Handicrafts”.
Ever thought, these small things can be of great use when talking about decorations. The ones which were used by the early man for fire, are now have a totally different use. From pen stands to paper weight. From dining area to your bedroom, this craft has everything to attract the outsiders, and helping them in saying good things about your way of living.

Good decor brings out the positive vibes from them. Picking up the best things for your home, not only improves your taste of living but also freshens up your mind.
If you are bored to death, and have a lot of time to invest, then grab some rocks, paint them, bring some crafted things from nearby store or you can do it by yourself.
For a lovely dining hall, you can have some paper mugs crafted with small pieces of rocks glued together onto it. Not only it will make it more attractive, but you can reuse them without throwing them. Reuse them as a pen stand or put your cutlery items. Or if you have a good collection of coins, then place them in it and convert those mugs into a rocky jar.
Are you worried about hot kettle, placed on dining cloth or hot plates burning your dining mats?
Then an easy idea is here. Just bring in some small rock stones or pebbles, and glue them together and place them on a cotton cloth. And you have your own kettle mat, or if you do that in a rectangular manner so it can be your dining mat for placing hot dishes.
And the choice is yours.
These small things can make your old baronial-looking home a lot more interesting. What are you waiting for? Go grab some rock painting pens, and start decorating your homes.
You can give life to corners of houses by placing creative stuff. Place building rock stones one on another. And here is your small building. Or you can glue them creatively by placing them on cotton cloth and make wall hangings.

This kind of craft, is all you need for a lovely decor. Go brag your peers about how you decorate your home, and show them some real stuff.
– Twinkle Ahuja