A.What is Swadesi?

Swadesi is a marketplace for finest products made in India. We identify products that deliver exceptional value & satisfaction to our cosumers.


B. What does Swadesi mean?

"Swadesi" derived from Sanskrit  is a conjunction of two Sanskrit words. Swa means "self" or "own" and desh means country, so Swadesh would be "own country",

and Swadesi, the adjectival form, would mean "of one's own country". "Swadesi" is our registered trademark.


C .There are so many e-commerce sites, why do we need www.swadesi.com ?

For our customer we provide personlaized service in identifying quality products at best prices. We work with customer in each step of transaction from procurement to delviery and after sales support.

For our suppliers we market your product using individualized marketing strategy, complete the sale and collaborate to exedute the order. We also guarantee your receivables.


D. Who are we?

A professional team who identified opppurtunity exists to improve the ecosystem of goods Made in India.


E .Where does Swadesi get its products ? 

Our suppliers are responsible businesses that strive to provide best quality products at optimal cost. We are able to pass on the cost benefits to our customers.


F .How does Swadesi identify products ?

We conduct extensive research on each product range and select the best quality products for our customers.

Each product listed is carefully selected after conducting quality control and testing.


G . What are the payment options at Swadesi?

Ans : Swadesi accepts Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and other major cards.


H. Does Swadesi charge sales tax and other taxes?

Yes. Rates vary depending on location.


I. Where are you located and where do you operate?

We are located in USA and India. We operate in USA and INDIA.