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Magnificent Gold Plated Stud Earring For Women


Magnificent Gold Plated Stud Earring For Women

Love is a jewel, and Swadesi serves it to you.

Jewelry is like the perfect spice – it always complements what’s already there. It has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique.

Sukkhi presents to you the magnificent Gold Plated Stud Earring. These gorgeous pieces of elegance are made of copper and covered with a gold plating. This jewel set features a unique, one of a kind traditional embellish with antic finish.

Make your moment memorable with this range.

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~Ifrah Tanweer

applique work


Applique is a technique where an ornamental needlework piece of cloth is sewn on a large piece to form picture or pattern. Appliqué is used to decorate an aspect of a garment or product. The technique is accomplished either by hand or machine. The technique is famous for printed fabrics, which is trendier nowadays. These are designed into the pattern.

In ancient Egypt, these types of work on clothes were very famous. During the middle ages, this was used on heraldic and ecclesiastical banners and ceremonial clothing.   In present times many fashion designer uses applique techniques on cloth. Elsa Schiaparelli, Franco MOS chino, Gianni Versace, bob Mackie, and Christian Francois Roth to name a few.

This work can be done manually as well as with the help of machines. Handmade work is more beautiful as compared to the machine made work. Presently machine made work is more prevalent as it consumes less time and produces more. Now’s a day’s demand for these type of work has accelerated.

Applique method of designing cloth is very prevalent in the areas of Gujarat, Bihar, Karnataka, Orissa and Himachal Pradesh.

In Orissa, Appliqué work has its own creative values as here this craft is used for festive decoration in the temple of Lord Jagannath as well as in homes. In Gujarat and Tamil Nadu, these techniques are used in wall hangings furnishings fabrics, garden umbrellas, and dress material. Also in Kashmir, the ‘gabber’ (floor covering) is made up from appliqué technique, by reusing worn out woolen blankets and woolen stripes.

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Taruna Aggarwal.

Lac Handicrafts



Who won’t buy this lustrous token of life?

Lac jewelry and Handcrafts are one of a marvelous gift of Indian art. The Lac Handcrafts originated from the state of Royalty that is Rajasthan. Now it’s popular not only in India but also in different parts of the world. Its versatile patterns and designs, makes it more attractive. Among all the various jewelry lac bangles need a special mention. People in Rajasthan believe that lac bangles bring good omen with them.

This art was first developed by the tribal people of Rajasthan. The lac crafts were used not only by the tribes but also the kings of that time, which shows equality. During the chronological period, there has been a modification in the making of Lac Handcrafts. The Royalty with the touch of contemporary art, adds to its charm and beauty.

The lac handcrafts are made along with other stones, metals, color which increases the attractiveness to this art, color reminds of the rainbow. They make you feel happy and give you a royal look. Along with the ornaments, there are show pieces, small boxes, and more crafts. They give a radiant look to your place due to the history and their versality. They are very famous in Rajasthan. And their contemporary design and their perfectness of the finish make them more lucrative.

Along with Rajasthan, they are also being made in other states like Hyderabad, Maharashtra, Kolkata, etc. They are unique in their design, history, and making. They are made from the resin that is secreted by the wild trees. They are obtained by the insects that collect them and are thoroughly purified before use. Lac is produced in three qualities namely, light golden, brown and dark black, wherein the former is the best quality and is expensive as well.

Multicolored balls and stick are made of Lac by twisting the melted colored sealing wax in circles or lines around a stick from top to bottom alternatively. And then with the help of hot Needle different beautiful designs are made on them. Then they are rapidly rolled on a cool and smooth surface. Finishing is given thereafter.


Jhunjuna and chusni for babies, tops, bats, balls, models of aeroplanes, rail engines, telephone sets, tea sets, caravans of camels and elephants, sets of musicians and saints of India, models of carts and animal figures are some of the common products of lac craft. Lac furniture includes bedposts, cradles etc whereas