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Hand block printing #Gujarat


Trend of printed cloth had never been off fashion people not only prefer them but also these cloth have great demand. Ever thought how they are printed and what is the process behind it ? Though they are done in various ways but the one  among them to be describe is Hand block printing. It is a form of dying and coloring the fabric using wooden blocks or metal blocks. Sometimes, linoleum blocks is also used. These blocks are carved with beautiful designs and are dipped in colour after that gently applied on fabrics, which is left to be dried for few days. Ajarkh and Bandhani are few of the examples of hand block printing which are quite popular in gujarat.

Origin of Hand block printing

Hand block printing is being practicing from very ancient times from nearly 12th century in western and southern parts of India but the roots of it began to grow from 17 th century and flourished in Gujarat mainly by Pathiapur families. Althoug the art is popular in many states but Gujarat and Rajasthan are popular for it.

Here, are few technique of hand block printing :-

A. Direct printing :- In this process cotton and silk cloth is first bleached and then fabric is dyed unless light background is desired after that fabric is printed with blocks.

B. Resist printing :- In this process area which is to protected from dye is covered with the mixture of clay and resin. The dyed fabric is then washed. Then dyes are spread in protected area through rippled effect. Block prints are then used for further designs.

C. Discharge printing :- In this process fabric is dyed, then chemical is used to remove the dye from the portion that is to be designed in a different colors.

Once the printing done and fabrics are dried then after giving final touch these are packed to reach in market. Beautiful bedsheets, handlooms, curtains, sarees printed in various designs seems to seduce people eyes.

Due to high demand they are also exported to various states gujarati Bandhani is famous allover for it’s beautiful designs printed.

Bandhani saree

Blocks used in printing are carved with beautiful pictures of camel, women, flowers , leaves which depict the culture and tradition too.

Hand block printing is not only an art but a treasure for the printing men who dedicate their compassion on it.

Rabri embroidery #Gujarat


Gujarat is a place which has been always known for embroideries and mirror work. Along with it Rabri embroidery is a major one. From years it is fascinating people eyes and had great demand from foreign to within the country. It is not only an art but also present the attire and culture of gujratians.

This art is originated from Rabri community. Rabri or Rahabari means one who live outside or goes out of the path. People of this community were migrated from Sindh ( now in Pakistan) about 400 years ago. These nomads live in western region of Rajasthan to Kutch region of Gujarat. They are cattle rearing community but are engaged in embroidery work too. Men majorly work with leather and women with embroider garments and accessories. Various subgroups are also involve in this like Kucchi, Dhebari, Wagadia.

Colourful threads and various types of geometrical mirrors are use in this embroidery. Few of the materials are silk, cotton and woolen fabrics, embroidery threads of varied colours and abla or circular mirrors. Motifs are inspired by mythology and desert habitation which depict the culture of gujarat.

Some of the attractions:

Toran ( Door way hanging) :- These are prepared to hang on main door of the house which gives a warm welcoming charm.


Rabri shawl :- It is the important highlight of this art. These shawls are beautifully decorated with threads and mirrors and moreover had great demand.

Kapadu (Backless blouse) :- This is the attire of locals over there, also it symbolizes traditional wear.


Paheranu (Skirts) :- Although they seems skirt cum “Ghagra” .This is traditional dress and are wore by girls over there on their marriage ceremony or special occasions.

Girls over there prepare their own dowry by preparing various items with rabri  embroidery. Some of them like bedcovers, bags, camel covers, Torans (door way hanging), Ghagra choli and many more. Whenever you visit gujarat don’t forget to have rabri embroidery items.