Matka-Their History

As demons were busy preparing the ocean or Shreesagar for Nectar or Mahamrita, an earthen pot emerged out of nothing. As per the mythology, it is the first ever earthen pot ever created by mankind. Earthen pot or matka is a trademark and important kitchen accessory which can be found in most of the Indian kitchens. They are perfect for storing liquids as they provide a cool temperature. As these are porous, the stored water sifts through the pores which attracts the heat from the water and evaporates through the pores. This ongoing process keeps this water cool inside the matka. The preparation of these matkas does not only involve the use of potter’s wheel but also a lot of other steps. Firstly, soft clay is shaped using potter’s wheel. Once the desired shape is attained, the molded pieces are separated from the base using a thread. This is to impart more rigidity to the matka. A wooden beaker and shaping pad is then use to clean and finish the pot. Finally, the shape is painted with various colors and fired in kiln. Once all these steps are through, matkas are checked for any defects.

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