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Bagmaker, a leading manufacturer and exporter of hi-fashion bags and accessories, was establish in 1992 and has since then created a reputation worldwide in the hi-fashion bag industry. With an eye on the latest trends and fashion, Bagmaker offers a wide range of its creation that are exclusive. Bagmaker has contemporary designs that have created a trend in the jute bag segment. The designer jute shpping bags are classy as well as functional. In addition, the company also offers simple and functional bags made from organic material. These lightweight sustainable bags are perfect for carrying everything from shopping purchase to beach supplies.

page26aWith his in-house design team, Rakesh Juneja is able to satisfy his clients completely. “We
follow a professional approach to designing, quality and production. Our dedicated team of 150 professional and more than 300 skilled and unskilled workers promise international
standard of manufacturing and commitments, “comments Juneja.
Perhaps, what is most important is that Bagmaker provides prompt services, quick response and express sampling. “We care for our customers and we understand that time is of immense importance to materialize orders,” says Janeja. That is why Bagmaker has a long list of clients across the globe including the challenging market of USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Holland, Japan, South Africa and Australia.



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