About Us

About Us

What do we do

About Us. Swadesi is an ecosystem of quality products made in India. We identify products from best and reliable sources and collaborate with them to sell in bulk. We are a P2C (Producer to Consumer) portal for Indian products. We offer our customers quality products, excellent service and one of a kind shopping experience. Our primary objective is to benefit customer by optimizing the entire life cycle of product. 

Why Swadesi

            Incredible service to customers
            Best products in each category
           Quality products at bulk price
           Procured from reliable sources

How we execute

            Conduct extensive research to identify products with unmatched value proposition.

            Improve procurement process and supply to consumers with minimal overhead.

           Work with our source to improve service and support that exceed customer expectation.

           Simple business process for our customer

          Dedicated support for each transaction from sourcing to delivery.