Best Rules of Article Writing

Are you looking for Golden Rules of Article Writing? then to check out this post. Writing articles seems to be a very easy task when we hear of it, but writing a good article is something that requires a lot of understanding and organizational skills.

Golden Rules of Article Writing

The prime task of writing an article is to understand what the topic calls for and analyze relevant parts of the topic. Some relevant rules for composing an article are

  • Understand the exact age group and mindset of the people you are writing for and tailor the contents to their needs.
  • Do not load your articles with too much information as people read them cursorily only. Great headings and good paragraph beginnings are more than enough.
  • Remember that people are not reading your article to judge your knowledge but to gather information. So, make the articles easy to understand.
  • Plagiarism is a big no-no and try to be as creative as you can.

Apart from these etiquettes, there are few technicalities to keep in mind:

  • The articles should not be too short, so as to avoid thin content issues.
  • Try using as many words from the topic in your articles and this enhances the search engine optimization of the article.
  • Link each paragraph to the heading and explain to your users how the paragraph details are related to the topic.
  • Grammar mistakes automatically decrease interest of the reader in your articles and use grammar checking tools to avoid some common mistakes.
  • Re-read and edit your article at least 2-3 times before submission.

If you remember these few tricks and try your best to compose in your own words, rest assured- your article is going to impress your readers and supervisors alike.

– Ruchira Dhar

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