Brass engravings to dazzle the world

Najmul Islam’s Moradabad Handicrafts of India has producing and exporting exquisite gift items since 1990. The brass platters and bowls inlaid with hand painted Indian motifs and designs have created a special place for themselves in the international market. That is because Moradabad Handicrafts of India is the only exporter for engravings.
14aaExporting mainly to Russia, Poland, Greece and Hong Kong, the company is also in the
process of exploring new markets. With a huge portfolio of more than 15,000 products, Najmul Islam is confident that whatever he produces will be acceptable to his buyers. All the stuff that is produced is designed in-house with Najmul Islam providing the concept
and even perfecting the design. Over the years, the designs have been tweaked to keep to the times but never have they been discarded simply because Moradabad Handicrafts of India believes that the designs are of a top order.

The company’s large portfolio of creations has been able to hold the top slot in the price sensitive market because the manufacturer is confident of the quality. Each article is cheked and rechecked before sent to the buyers.

Najmul Islam