Swadesi, Inc Content Developer Internship


Swadesi.com Content Developer Internship Program.

Welcome to Swadesi, Inc, we are excited to have you on-board and hope you will gain experience in writing quality articles and learn content development techniques.

This is a 3 month internship program and you are expected to write 1 blog per week and post to blog section. To complete this internship you will need to complete 12 articles.Performance will be judged by quality of content, number of views, likes and comments.

How to post and write good quality articles?

Task 1 :- Register yourself as user in Swadesi.org website.


Task 2 :- Read below material on writing good web content

Reading 1. Click>> rules-for-web-content-writing

Reading 2. Click>> rules-for-web-content-writing_2

Reading 3. Click>> web-content-best-practices

Task 3 :- Publish a minimum of ONE article per week in swadesi.org blog section

Click >> https://swadesi.org/blogs/index

(you must be logged in to swadesi.org)

Example topics :- Travel blog (write about a place in India), current affairs, latest technology, product review from www.swadesi.com, artificial intelligence trends or any other topic that is informative.

Task 4:- Share your article on your social media pages.

Facebook.com, Reddit.com and Tumblr.com are mandatory. You can submit to any other quality sites.More submissions will result in more traffic to your article and more exposure to your work.

Important :- You should log your article, links and submitted links in this form.If you do not submit this form for each article, it will not be considered towards your internship.


Task 5:- Follow us on social media pages for latest news and updates.




If you have any questions regarding this internship email your mentor Juhi Srivatsava at swadesi.mentor@gmail.com

Wish you all the best and we hope you will take this opportunity to expand your horizons.

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