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Following is the process to develop content for

  1. Topics will be assigned by Content Manager or Team leader.
  2. Detailed research needs to be conducted on the topic, gaining as much knowledge from various sources – internet and books.
  3. Identify craftsmen, artists or manufacturers engaged in the concept. For example if the topic is Blue pottery of Jaipur, identify manufacturers for that product from internet, trade journals. Ask for help from Content manager if required.
  4. Interview craftsmen, artists and/or manufacturers to gain more knowledge on the topic.
  5. Develop a detailed article with quality pictures based on gathered information and publish it on
  6. Upload list of contacts that you interview for articles using this form

Detailed Explanation of process:-

Suppose if the topic is about any craft work you have to cover the journey of the craftsman related to it. You have to interview as many craftsmen as you can, that are related to that particular craft work and then you have to sum up everything in an article form.

Here are some questions that you will help you to begin your interview session with a craftsman:

1.    You can start with asking them about their work.  Ask them to introduce you to the work they do and how they do.

2.    Try to know the history of the craft at their place, like how it all started?

3.    Why they choose this profession, was it because their forefathers did it or they themselves choose it.

4.    How much time it takes to produce a single product, do they do it manually or machine is required.

5.    Does government support them?

6.    How many products are they able to sell in a given time period?

Remember guys this is just an example, you have to frame things yourself.

Next, supposedly a topic is given to you about any dance form or cultural activities that take place in India. You have to interview the person related to it too. The question will not be same as above, but some of them could be

1.    Does this act (dance form or festival) related to some myth or has a story behind it? If yes do tell?

2.    When is it performed?

3.    Try to find interesting things related to that particular tradition?

Apart from this tasks you also have to search for specific vendors for your product. Suppose the name of the topic, that is given to you, is “Blue Pottery”, you have to search for specific vendors related to this craft. You can also ask the craftsman, you interview, to become a vendor for us and supply products directly to us. We will give them a platform through our website. Try to search for at least 5 vendors for each product.

When you are done with searching,  do update the information of the vendor or manufacturer on : We will try to reach them as soon as possible.


  1. You have to enter details about the vendors, manufacturers and other people you interview, during article writing process, on the link –
  2. You are free to write vendor’s name or the person name, you interviewed, in your article but don’t disclose his or her email id and contact details.


All the best!!!!