Content Writing

Content Writing:

The articles talks about some major key points and how they are important when a reader is reading the article that a person have written. The article should be simple to understand, while writing consider the written material is for a eighth grader, without technical words. It should be direct and descriptive and informational, specific to what a reader is looking for. ‘Inverted pyramid’ fits  perfect while writing an article as you put the important points at the top and as you keep writing you put down information which is relevant but not important. Also, while writing figure out who is your target audience, it helps to jot down the appropriate matter. There should be clarity in the writing. When people search, they search with the keywords therefore mention a keywords that summarizes the topic that makes it easier for the reader to find your article. The headline of the article should not exceed more than eight words, it should be precise and writer shouldn’t use technical words but use logical words that make sense to the eighth grader we are writing keeping in mind. The matter should be always up-to date. Do not cut and paste the information, review the content. Avoid ROT (Redundant/Outdated/Trivial) information. The writer’s voice becomes the representative voice of the company. The writer should be very careful as for what the writer writes. While writing for the web, ‘a thumb rule’ is known as the best practice to keep in mind. On the web people avoid reading big paragraphs, one thought should be written in one sentence. Edit before you decide to publish it, proofread your article. Ask someone to read the article because if the writer has missed something it can be corrected and improvised.