Content Writing Mantra

Web today provides bundles of information for the users. Anything searched for displays an infinite number of links to serve the purpose. The Internet is not only a source of communication or information but it serves as a platform for marketing and advertising as well. In order to catch hold of maximum customers, the content should be written keeping in mind the target audience of the product or the service.
The content should provide the user exactly what he wishes to know. Short, Simple and stupid is the best way to make sure your web content is read and understood by maximum people. Instead of using heavy words, common words that a layman uses will help to achieve Search engine Optimization (SEO). Also, the content has to be updated from time to time and one should avoid using dates and other unnecessary information unless asked for. It is good to be consistent with the fonts and capitalization to create a good impression on the user. Putting up hyperlinks in the content helps you make your important data accessible to the user.
One must use images to make the content attractive and various labels, headers, etc to help map the user through your content. Proper classification through headings, sub-headings and bullet points should be logical enough hence it is one`s prime responsibility to provide proper context to your content. Voice and tone of the content should be pleasing enough for its users. A brand message should be clearly presented in a promising manner. At the end, it is always better to be double sure about the content hence read in twice or thrice before publishing.

-Omprakash Asnani

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