Content Writing Rules

The general idea of web content developing is writing according to the demands of the reader. The content should be in a simple and easy language and free of clichés. The title and the header should be informative and descriptive and should inform the reader of the topic. If the start of the content is exciting, the reader will further read the article. The content should be short, as a reader may not be interested in a long script, as most of the people scan read on the Internet. An F-shaped layout of the content is preferred. Unnecessary content should be avoided because the content should be as meaningful as possible and related to the topic. Voice and tones should be effectively used for the promotion of the content. The voice should direct the reader to buy a product, subscription, etc. Cut & Paste of information from other websites should be avoided. Editing is an important step of web writing. It is better to ask another person to edit the content to rule out grammatical errors and other mistakes. The content should be genuine and must be reviewed and refreshed regularly to prevent outdated information. And the trick is to avoid writing date of the content, unless necessary. Easy and precise writing is entertained by the reader. Headers, Sub-headers, Bullets help in the beautification of the content. In the end, Quantity doesn’t matter but Quality does.

By- Asad Shaikh