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In the production of glassware’s, C L Gupta Exports has created a name for itself among its buyers in USA and Europe. In the business since 1955, Raghav Gupta keeps track of modern trends. All the designs incorporated by the company in the manufacture of its products are conceived in-house. However, being in the competitive market. Raghav Gupta often has to listen to the advice of his buyers in Europe and the USA.

Europe is one of the company’s biggest markets and people there are fascinated by the exquisitely handcrafted glass and wooden products. Raghav Gupta innovates constantly keeping in mind the wants of jis customers. Aware of the ecologically conscious demands, C L Gupta Exports uses recyclable glass. As for the other raw materials, though
they are not environment friendly, the company takes care to see that the production process does not cause pollution.
12aThe difference one looks for aluminum wares between one exporter and the other is all about aesthetics. Everyone manufacturing such products look for that minute difference that would set them apart and therein lies the exceptional quality of Raghav Gupta’s products.

When C L Gupta Exports was set up, its objective was to establish itself for long term performance. The emphasis was on design, styles, quality and delivery schedules. It has never compromised on any one of these aspects. In addition, its preference was on volumes, by which manufacturing costs are reduced, so that the ultimate buyer on the street is benefitted.

Raghav Gupta



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