Crafting excellence through iron


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Curio Crafts, a two-decade old company specializes in products using iron, so much so that almost 90 percent of its products are made of iron. It also uses glass, other metals and terracotta and integrates it with iron products. The company uses state-of-the-art machines to achieve quality in the manufacturing processes.

Though the in-house design team prepares designs, many a time, buyers suggest 32acertain changes at the prototype stage, which are then incorporated at the production level. At times, buyers come with their own designs for production.

Most of the products are meant to be given as gifts during the festive season. The company also manufacturing utility products used in kitchens along with wine racks, candle holders, towel hangers and soap holders. The list is endless. Garden accessories are a popular item in its list of exports. The company has sent huge shipments of its products to the United States of America and is now exploring the European markets. Though it exports to other countries like Australia, New Zealand and South Africa as well, the volume of export is miniscule.

Pradeep Kumbhat



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