Creating classy accessories for the world

If you are looking for the classy accessories which give that perfect finish to well dressed attire, then Ashoka International is the place to pick up scarves, gloves and shawls. Scarves when put across the neck or carried in the hand or simply tied on the wrist are not only a designer item but a luxury item too which gives the wearer an edge over the others. page62aA simple item of clothing, loosely worn over the shoulders, upper body and arms, and sometimes all over the head, a shawl is usually a rectangular or square piece of cloth. Shawls which often serve the purpose of keeping oneself warm is also a collector’s item. The classy finish of the product is an added attraction to its durability and light weight. “We are always looking for new designs and new ideas,” says Nilesh Bang.

In the business since 1986, the export house has a load of experience behind it which makes it popular with clients in Europe, Japan, Latin America and Canada. With changing times Bang has been able to adapt to eco-friendly methods of production. Well known for its handloom scarves, the export house has been able to woo clients from across the globe.




Ashoka International