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Hanwat Khatri feels it is important to understand the likes and dislikes of various countries to be successful in exporting handicrafts. The people of the United States of America, for example, prefer ethnic styles in gift items, vis-à-vis the people from European countries. Arvind Expo-Crafts has understood this aspect in its endeavor to export handicrafts.

20aa               Even gifts have different categories! They could be mere display on a mantelpiece or on a table to other items of utility. These items are made of wood or metal or a combination of both. Apart from utility items such as penholders, forks and spoons holders, the company also creates attractively designed products for bathrooms like towel racks, soap holders and bins.

Arvind Expo-Crafts also manufacturer’s furniture on demand and designs provided by the buyers but its inherent strength is in gift and utility products. And that is its USP. The products are marketed in Germany, Italy and Holland and the designs vary to suit their taste. The company has its own design team and Hanwant Khatri visits European countries and the US regularly to get a feedback and at times to assess the changes in designs.

Hanwant Khatri



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