Creating fashion jewellery From tribal art

Dilip Brass Exports started business with handicrafts accessories way back in 1986 and since then in every succeeding decade it has added new items to its portfolio. Jewellery, be it fashion or costume or ethnic, is part of this growth. Dilip pioneered the use of metal beads, metal sequins which are lead free and nickel free in making jewellery and accessories for embroidery, shoes, bags, and even today very few can make out the page53aadifference. As an extension of this activity, the company allots this work to tribal villagers in faraway places.

It is creditable on the part of the company to adopt tribal art form in fashion Accessories and costume jewellery designs. Designing is a team effort and at times,  Dilip gets inputs from buyers. With its strong supplier base, the company exploits each region for its strength in a particular facet in jewellery manufacturing and Embroideries. While it provides the necessary raw material, the company’s quality personnel keep a strict watch at each stage of production. These are finally assembled in the company’s warehouse, checked, packed before dispatch to Europe, Germany, Italy and the USA that are Dilip’s major markets.


Chetan Chandra

Dilip Brass Exports