Creating world-class furniture


Meubles Inde is a wooden furniture manufacturing company making colonial furniture as well as traditional Indian antique furniture with a difference. The company mainly manufactures wooden handicrafts furniture items and its manufacturing unit is well-equipped with advanced machinery and a skilled team of craft-workers.

Meubles Inde is a Jodhpur-based exporter of high-quality handcrafted wood furniture from India and are known for their creativity. All its styles are favoured in the international markets and the company has professionally displayed a rich variety of more than 1200 styles, which are handcrafted by authentic artisans.

Established in 2003, Meubles Inde is a renowned exporter of colonial furniture as well as traditional Indian handcrafted wooden furniture, specializing in knock-down furniture, painted wooden furniture, colonial furniture, gift items, antique reproductions, wooden dining sets and many other appealing items for home décor. Their export clientele includes buyers in Europe, US, UK, Australia, Latin America and parts of Africa.


Praveen C. Sankhla