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Dindigul is also known as “Lock city”. The lock manufacturing units
provide jobs and lively hood to many families spread all over the
district. Handmade Dindigul locks have a reputed brand image and
hence it has a huge demand in local and international markets.
Dindigul locks are mostly purchased for temples (25kg), government
hospitals, government offices, houses, and godowns. The motto of
THIEVES ARE FEARFUL”. Even though different locks at different
prices are available in the market, Dindigul locks maintained its
brand image for a long time.

In 1930, a man named Paratai made a lock in the shape of a mango
and a lock used for tables in the shape of a square. He sold those
locks to the shops in the market. After somedays many shop owners
came to his place and appreciated his work. And also ordered few
more locks. So he started making more locks by adding few more
workers for the production. And there started the history of Dindigul
locks. The motivated locksmith made more and more fantastic
unbreakable designs which added more flavor to the business. Many
orders came by his way and the workers who learned the art from
the locksmith started their own business as a locksmith. Dindigul has
the richest and strong iron to make locks. And Dindigul locks became
famous all over the country, during the year 1945. In 1957
demand for the lock went high and more than 200 workstations
were there for making Dindigul locks.

The lock manufacturers claim that the precision lever mechanism of
their locks is unpickable and shackles are meticulous in design and
offer greater resistance to anyone who tries to break in.
The most important thing to be noted is now it is said that the
production is decreased and the demand is increased. People wish
that this is a beautiful and useful art which is to be taken for a long
period with the same proudness and interest by the locksmiths.

Harene J

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