Week 2 and 3:- Basics of Email Campaign and working with marketing data sets

Business Objective

Swadesi is an ecosystem of quality products made in India. We identify products from best and reliable sources and collaborate with them to sell in bulk. We are a P2C (Producer to Consumer) portal for Indian products. We offer our customers quality products, excellent service and one of a kind shopping experience. Our primary objective is to benefit customer by optimizing the entire life cycle of product. 

How to achieve business objective listed above ?

  1. Identify manufacturers of quality products that have excellent value proposition.
  2. Research their products, quality control, business process and market segments.
  3. Suitable manufacturers will be on-boarded to as vendor.
  4. Market products using combination of digital and traditional marketing strategies.
  5. Follow up with customer after sales, improve life cycle of product continuously.

What is your role as an Intern?

Task 1 Identify manufacturers of quality products. Sources could be from export trade promotion council, other memberships where exporters are registered. Example you can find craft exporters from

Select 100 leads from this list (click epch_swadesi_list). This is a list of    manufacturers obtained from  – Select/filter leads from your city/state

You can open this list in excel or google spreadsheets.

Task 2.Contact manufacturer via email and then follow up by telephone call. Details of email message template. Click email_message

CC email to

Be creative in writing subject for email

Research how to write good email campaign letters

Task 3. Identify leads that responded to your marketing campaign and send the list to your mentor. Management will follow up with manufacturers on next steps.

How is success measured – number of responses out of 100 leads.

Task 4. Identify your article from week 1 here and post it to your facebook page and share it with your friends.

Task 5. Follow on twitter we will use in future assignments.

Continuous Assignment daily visit to get comfortable with application, this will help you to market products easily. You need to be aware of your product lineup and application setup to be a good digital marketing manager.