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Swadesi team not only works for people and their maximum benefits but it also takes care of the planet’s health. We work for the quality for both – our customer as well as our environment. Being ‘eco – friendly’ helps us all to live a healthy life and giving a healthier living to the planet and its inhabitants, big and small.

The team Swadesi is selling ‘eco – friendly’ products that contributes to green living and helps in saving water and energy. Our organic fruits and vegetables are best for your health and prevent you from many diseases. The method that is used in cultivation of organic fruits and vegetables is eco – friendly, no use of chemicals and pesticides hence they aresafe for your health as well as safe for environment. The process has great impact on the mechanism of our environment – people, birds, insects, animals – both land and aquatic, and also our mother nature.

A large part of our sarees’ collection is hand woven; all of our clothing can be easy washed at home; this contributes in saving the energy and water.

Saree 3

The copper utensils Swadesi sales help in purifying the water naturally and take less energy in cooking. Our dried flower wreaths, banderwals (door – hangings) and banquets beautify your house without harming the environment.

Blushnkiss Blushnkiss - DSC_0201

Swadesi’s hand made soaps, candles, wooden show pieces and symbols are designed not only for the good of man but also that to our planet and its creatures.


Our each item is unique and we have taken care of safety of our mother nature before we bring them for your use.

Buy Swadesi’s products and save environment.

Swadesi | Made in India
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