Examples of a perfect past

Kumbhat Exports, since its inception, has been manufacturing furniture that is strongly influenced by Rajasthan’s ethnic designs and motifs, be it boxes or beds or wardrobes. All the products, the company professes, is handmade and very little machining is done.

50aa                The wood, of course, is perfectly seasoned so that craftsmen can work with it creativity. Many of the designs are borrowed from old photographs or paintings or paintings and in a way the past is revived and the tradition carried forward. Adding to the speciality of the products are metal embellishments.

Kumbhat Exports ‘markets are Gulf countries, Spain and Portugal. Of late, Western nations have been showing interest in such products. The products created by P. L. Kumbhat also serve as decorative items for home décor. Domestic buyers have also been evincing keen interest though the products are for the discerning few.

P. L. Kumbhat


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