Eye for detail captivates clients

Besides capturing the hearts of women, who like jewellery, Emen Export House also deals in furniture items. “Both products need a great deal of quality and more than anything creativity, “says M L Sharma. Dealing in fashion accessories means that the company is 75aalways on the look-out for new trends in the world market.

“The customer is always wanting something new, something which is unique and at the same time appealing to the eye. And it is this taste and trend that we cater to, “says the owner. What experience of over four decades and more – the company has been in the export business since 1977 – it is its expertise in design and quality that has made its favorites with its clients in the USA UK and Europe. With a special designing team which is always ready to cater to new demands, Emen Export House is able to meet the requirements of different clients across the globe. What is most liked by Emen’s clients is the fact that is uses eco-friendly methods in the manufacturing process. Helping it along is EPCH. The council, according to the export house, has been of great help.



Emen Export House