Fashionable products with old age touch


Priyesh Bhandari  has a large collection of antiques and since these antiques are just one or at the most two pieces, MCB Exports manufactures identical products. While some of these are in great demand in Gulf countries, Jordan and Turkey, there are buyers from 61aSpain and Portugal too.

The unit also manufactures steel and wrought iron furniture. In the past too, Jodhpur was popular for such types of furniture. The reasons are simple: quality and workmanship. It is difficult to find intricately carved or designed mouldings abroad and that is the reason why MCB Exports designs are hits in Italy, Germany and Japan as well as a few other European countries. Gazebos in different sizes – according to the demands of the buyers – are manufactured by Priyesh Bhandari.

Priyesh Bhandari