Great designs and Timely delivery

Tegh International specializes in jewellery and is known across US, Europe and UK for its exclusive designs. “Our focus is on design and of course quality,” says Navleen Khanna. Designing and producing necklaces, earrings and rings since 1993, the company has been able to satisfy the tastes of its clients from different continents.

page37a “New designs and new creations are our USP,” says Khanna. Different designs often appeal in different countries. There is no fixed design, which can be universally accepted and therefore changing with each client and changing with time is of utmost importance, says Tegh International. The company has a well-establish designing team that creates its own designs and also caters to different tastes of clients. Over the years, the company has built a solid reputation with its clients for timely delivery in addition to the new styles it comes up with regularly. The manufacturing process is 40 percent eco-friendly and Khanna believes in focusing on recycled products.





Tegh International