Handicrafted for uniqueness

63aaIn the production of fashion jewellery, vishal Handicrafts uses gold-plated and silver-plated articles and other items such as beads of glass, metal, wood or cotton yarn. Using any material to prepare jewellery is all about aesthetics and stringing it elegantly. The company hs been using horn/bone ever since ivory was banned and today, the perception is that the finished product looks better than ivory.

Europe is the company’s biggest market and people there are fascinated by handcrafted jewellery rather than the machine-made ones that may cost less. Jeevan Kumar innovates constantly keeping in mind the demands made by the customers. The company has its own designs, but when it does get good suggestions from buyers, it is carried it out diligently. Perhaps, what is important is that buyers understand that Jeevan Kumar’s jewellery is handcrafted and cannot be produced as fast as those made on machines.

Jeevan Kumar

Vishal Handicrafts

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