The Great Indian Media Market 2021

The Great Indian Media Market

“The mightiest of mighty is media”, a medium to bring ruler on knees and a vagabond into page 5. With over 16,000 satellite channel, more than 400 news channel and 70,000 newspaper Indian media industry is truly majestic and an all-time celebrated industry.

If we turn back the pages of history, starting from the foundation stone laid down by the movie ” Raja Harishchandra”, the first news channel ” zee tv” and first radio channel “Prasar Bharti” to modern day electronic media, the journey is worth of laud and pride.

Indian media has a menagerie of wings ranging from advertisement, public relation, broadcast, print, film industry to social media.

Today advertisement is a booming branch of Indian media industry where the focus is not just to absorb the attention of heterogenous Indian population but to appeal to their hearts as well, by stringing the issues of social responsibility.

Broadcast amalgamates into itself the entire radio industry, entertaining masses through ages, the saviour of every road trip.

Print, the grey-haired and the most authentic source of our information is the lifeline of Indian media industry in terms of employment and opportunities.

Indian Media Market

Despite sky seeking success that Indian media has achieved with just a few decades, it has witnessed many malpractices such as paid news, fake news, non-issues as real issues, tendency to brand, twisting facts, political ownership and defamation.

Media is known to set agenda and stir the masses, the agenda which is the brainchild of a political party or elite class. Over years citizen journalism has joined the mainstream through powerful social media dais.

It has encouraged the involvement of Indian citizens to pull the veils from scams and scandals.

So Indian media the fourth pillar of democracy, the watchdog, protecting innocent from getting curbed by the menace, today requires the real hardcore journalism to strive the spirit of veracity, objectivity and not the least authenticity.


Indian Media Market