B&B Organics Aromatic Rice Joha, 1 kg

Joha, The Aromatic Rice

Endemic to the regions of Assam, the aromatic rice traditionally known as Joha is a unique class under Sali rice, and is also called winter rice, Jaha rice or mi Jaha locally. It also enjoys the privilege of a Geographical Indication (GI) tag given to Assam. Due to its inherent scent, Joha has a special demand and is highly valued, popularly known for its aroma, flavor and excellent taste. Its characteristic odor is identified as 2-acetyl-1- pyrroline, which is said to be a ‘popcorn-like aromatic compound’ and is completely different from the famous basmati rice, a class of the scented rice.

This indigenous rice of Assam, with its high fat, albumin and globulin contents makes it a suitable nutritious cereal. Along with its delicate texture, it is rich in amino acids, proteins, calcium, iron and is high on starch. Along with its nutritious value, it is known for its sweet aroma, superfine kernel, good cooking qualities, and excellent palatability and taste. With its small grain size and highly aromatic values, Joha rice is best suited for making fragrant pulao, frumenty, arancini and delicious desserts like payash (kheer) or rice pudding. It is also consumed as Plain Boiled Rice or flavored fried rice, giving out an exotic cuisine and is the perfect match for a number of ethnic delicacies.

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