kadlekai Parishe 2013

It is always nice to go towards Basavanagudi and Gandhi Bazaar because it reminds one of old Bangalore. Kadlekai Parishe is a 2 day fair, a cultural practice observed for 400 years now; all the groundnut growers from the nearby districts and even some from Tamil Nadu attend this fair. Besides groundnut (in all forms – roasted, raw, salted, boiled, etc), you can also find a lot of other things like in a regular village fair. Here are some pics that I took today.

BTW, in Kannada, kadlekai = groundnut and   parishe = fair


all the growers setup their shop on the road


not just on the bull temple road, but on the cross roads too


this was on the first day, in the morning; gets quite crowded as the day progresses