Kansar Thali

What’s most popular sweet dish after Jalebi in Gujarat? Arguably, I would say Kansar. Now, you can have a different choice too but then this dish will be there on your list.

Now, for all you people still thinking what the hell I am talking about.. well let me take you through this. Kansar is a traditional Gujarati dish made with whole wheat flour and jaggery. Also known as Lapsi, this dessert recipe is extremely popular. It is customary in weddings to make this sweet dish and have the bride and groom taste it on the day of their marriage.

So how do you make this dish? Well, you would need some jaggery, thick wheat. ghee, sugar, water. All this based on your requirements. Add and mix 25 gms ghee into thick flour. Add jaggery in water and heat it on the gas. Once the jaggery starts dissolving in the water, add the above given thick flour to it. Stir and mix it properly. Reduce the gas flame, and cover the pan. Keep stirring every now and then. When water completely disappears and colour of flour changes, shut the gas and remove the mixture from the gas. This is called Kansar. Remove it in a serving plate or pan. To serve, form a heap of the Kansar on a dish. Add ghee and sugar powder to this. Mix it well. Sprinkle cardamom powder on the heap evenly. It is one of the yummiest sweet dishes of this cuisine and makes for an exotic mouth-watering experience.

Unlike most other sweet dishes, this is served as a thali dish. Kansar is rich in calorie as it contains jaggery and sugar. So, next time when you are in a Gujarati restaurant, watch out for Kansar thali and I hope you would agree with my rating, maybe even improve that!

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