karni mata temple

Karni Mata Temple

Goddess Karni Mata is considered as a Hindu female warrior, belongs to Charan caste. Also known as Nari Bai or Shri Karni Maharaj. She lived between (1387-1538). Deshnok a small town near Bikaner, around 30 km away from Bikaner was extremely blissed by goddess Karni Mata.

Maharaj Ganga Singh built an awesome temple of goddess Karni Mata in Deshnok to show love, faith and respect towards her. The temple has a very good architect of Rajputana type and it was estimated that there are approximately 25000 rats residing in that temple. The story behind this incident is indeed magical.

The rats are considered as a holy animal there, rats in that temple don’t bite any of the pilgrims who go there for worship. This temple is the main attraction of tourism place across Rajasthan, people around the globe visit this rat temple enthusiastically.

karni mata templeKarni Mata temple:

The temple was built by Maharaja Ganga Singh between (15th-20th)century. Karni Mata temple is mainly famous for the army of 25000 (approx.) rats residing here. Let’s explore the story behind this.

It is written in history, that Laxma Karni Mata’s stepson drowned in a pond in Kolayat, while he was attempting to drink water from it. Karni Mata pleaded Yama ( the god of death) to revive her son,  later the Yama agreed to revive her son and other family members as a rat. So here rats are considered as holy rats.

There is a notion there, if you eat the food eaten by the rats then you turn into a lucky guy and is blessed by goddess Karni Mata. There are also some white rats residing in the temple, if you are able to spot them, then you are considered as a lucky one. And if you kill mice there, you need to offer a statue of a silver mouse, to show your sympathy and respect towards the goddess.

karni mata temple

Beautifulness of the place:

The temple is fully made up of marbles, to make it strong and cool in temperature. Every year two fairs are organized in Deshnok, at Karni Mata temple in March-April and in September- October. Every morning at 4:00 am they organize a (Mangla Arti) which is really satisfying, calm and pleasant to watch.

If you are a traveling enthusiast or searching for a destination to visit, you can check in here for a pleasant, calm and energetic environment full of whisper and chants of worship.