Karunguravai Rice – Ancient Tamil Rice


Karunguravai rice or Karunkuravai rice is a traditional rice variety of Tamilnadu and a choice of ancient Tamilians. It is known for its medicinal value and used as medicine by Sidhha doctors. This rice cure diseases such as filariasis, leprosy and many skin diseases.

The rice comes under genus Orayca. The grains of this rice come in red and black varieties. The red and black varieties should not be mixed together but, the red or black variety can be mixed with other rice variety. This rice is also grown and harvested in state of Karnataka and Kerala. This rice is also called ‘viagra rice’, the name given by Siddha doctors. It is one of the rural medicine preferred by rural people as a Ayurvedic type or desi medicine.

Cultivation :

The rice basically comes from grass family of Orayca. It is best cultivated in the state of Tamilnadu between December 15-March 14 and harvested between June 1-August 31. This rice basically has life span of 120 to 125 days between which it is cultivated. It is one of the rice cultivated by ancient method and free from use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides and encourages green farming. It is best cultivated in clayey, Alluvial and sandy soil as the sequence shows starting from clayey to sandy. This rice grows to height of about 100 cm.

Health Benefits :


1) Improves immune and nervous system: It has high content of iron which helps to strengthen the immune system as well as nervous system especially during fever.

2) It prevents the white spot leaking and decreases its tendency of spread. It also finds its application in skin diseases cure and treatment.

3) Most importantly it is used as rural medicine by Siddha doctors and folk medicinal practitioner.

4) It finds it application in the prevention of side effects caused by balsam.

5) Prevent leprosy and eliminates poison: This rice when boiled with kallip milk and honey mixture prevents Elephantiasis(Filariasis), prevent leprosy and eliminates poison from the body.

6) It also removes and dilute the bad cholesterol from the body.

How to include this rice in your diet?


The most famous use of this rice,basically in medicine is: It’s extract is used in Siddha medicine. After removing husk of paddies, the clean Karunguavai rice and Samba rice are processed. It is best solvent for ion exchange in preparation of muppa. It is best for elimination of heavy metals containing Mercury, Vanadium, Arsenic, Nickel, Copper, Cadmium, Barium and Tin.

This rice is also used to prepare Dosa, Porridge, Idli etc.