Lakshadweep-The forbidden land of beauty


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Lakshadweep, the group of islands located 404 kilometers off the Indian west coast in the Arabian sea, the smallest Indian union territory are India’s only coral atolls and geographically are a part of the same chain Maldives. Lakshadweep means ‘A hundred thousand islands’ in Sanskrit and Malayalam. They were also known as the Laccadive Islands. Although this place is a beauty to behold, you have to work really hard to get here. It’s not in the case of finance or transportation, Lakshadweep has been a tourist hub for a really long time now but, you need a national permit to visit this scenic beauty. If you are a ‘booze and chill’ kind of beach person, really sorry to say but, the island restricts alcohol except for Bangaram Island. Not only getting a national permit is hard, but also your tourism is restricted to some specific islands. There are islands that do not allow any foreign intervention.

Let’s start with how to reach Lakshadweep after getting the permit. If you travel by air, you’d land at the Agatti Aerodrome which is the only airport of Lakshadweep present on the Agatti Island. Flights to reach here fly only from Bangalore and Kochi, so plan your trip accordingly. The other way to reach here is by the sea route. To avail waterways, you’ll have to travel to Kochi or Calicut. Six ships form the water transportation link between these two cities and Lakshadweep.


Kavaratti, the capital of this beautiful independent state is the most popular tourist destination. It is well known for its white-sand beaches and its calm lagoons. It has a tropical monsoon climate which means the summer and the rainy seasons have an equal share on the year. Apart from the amazing white sant beaches where you can take sunbaths, calm lagoons where you can experience a varied amount of water sports and swimming, the main attraction here is “THE KAVARATTI AQUARIUM” which has a vast collection of tropical fish specimens and corals. You’d also find large stretches of coconut farms which is the main crop here and is abundantly available. So, if you’re looking for a suntan or you want to swim in clear water, and see some really astounding scenic beauties, this is just the place for you.


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