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In the world of high fashion, it is Nano Overseas that creates bags which turns heads everywhere. The quality of materials used in the production of ladies’ purses, mobile cases and bags is of a high order. Namrata Gupta works on each of the design with sequins, stones and silver lace. The end-result are bags and purse not only of a high quality but also great in looks. The designs are attractive yet understated. The shimmering silver party pouch bags exhibit wonderfully-crafted work all over and each one is a masterpiece created by Nano’s experienced craftsmen.

These pouch purses and bags are striking in their colour combinations. Fit for Western and Indian ensembles, these bags sport at once a classy yet sporty and trendy look. The designs on the bags and purses are created by Namrata Gupta and her in-house design team.
However, in keeping with fashion trends the world over, Gupta takes the advice of page55abuyers as far as colours are concerned. The design suggestions are incorporated by Nano Overseas. Over the years, the company’s products have found ready buyers in Europe and the USA and there are many among the fashion-conscious who like to sport bags or party purses from Nano Overseas. Their popularity is due to their elegant finish and excellent quality.




Nano Overseas

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