Master creator of bags

62aaMaster creator of handbags for fashion-conscious Cosmique Global has managed to catch
on to latest trends around the world. It is no wonder then that the company’s products are picked up by buyers from USA and Europe.

The kind of bags that Vikas Manaktala and his in-house design team produce use a variety of materials ranging from silks and brocades to embroidered fabrics and printed cotton or canvas. The company often uses reproductions of art photographs to embellish the bags. Other designs used include geometric ones. Also, the bags are in a wide variety of shapes and size.

Well aware of the changes in fashion. Vikas Manaktala takes his inspiration from ethnic and traditional designs as well as the contemporary. In fact, often designs and embellishments suggested by buyers are incorporated by the design team.

Vikas Manaktala

Cosmique Global

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