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bani thani

Bani Thani Paintings

Bani Thani refers to the Indian miniature painting by Nihal Chand from Marwar School, Kishangarh. The painting portrays a lady of elegance and grace. The subject portrayed, Bani Thani, was a singer and poet...
The indian medicinal practice of Ayurveda predominantly involved herbs

Ayurveda – India’s medicinal gamut

With science today opening millions of doors to the people irrespective of their humane capabilities and advancing at lightning speed simultaneously, today’s science is also backtracking its way to its roots, predominantly in the...
A mass procession of pulikali in Swaraj Ground

Pulikali – The Tigers’ Dance of Kerala

Onam is right around the corner and Kerala is one of the culturally diverse states in the country, will be set to celebrate the 10 day festival of the Malayalis. Out of all the...

Kalamezhuthu : A Unique Floor Art

Kalamezhuthu is an optimistically drawn floor art, native to South Kerala. Kalamezhuthu is synonymous to Rangoli popular in North India. Rangoli is a handmade art made using a variety of colors sprinkled on the...

Pushkar ka Mela- The Camel Festival

Pushkar camel fair or locally called as Kartik Mela or Pushkar ka Mela is an annual multi-day livestock fair a bash of cultural fest held in the town of Pushkar. The fair starts with the...

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Khobi ka Lai- The Bihari Dessert

India is a diverse country where every State has its own unique tradition, culture, and taste. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari thousands of servings can...

Sonepur Mela #Celebrating India

The cattle fair is held on Kartheeka Purnima in the month of November in Sonepur, Bihar. River Ganges and Gandak merge into one another...



Traditional Kerala Attire

The numerous states of India all have their unique costumes and food choices but Kerala is one state which is almost equated with those...
thang ta martial art

Thang Ta- Manipuri Martial Arts Technique

Thang-Ta is a popular term for the ancient Manipuri Martial Art known as HUYEN LALLONG, a set of armed and unarmed fighting techniques developed by...



The Sanctified Hills of Jains “Shatrunjaya”

Shatrunjaya hills are considered as an ancient tirtha or pilgrimage especially by the Jain community. It is also known as Jain's sacred hills. The...


Cardomom is the world’s third most expensive  spice, surpassed in price per weight only by Vanilla and saffron. It is also know as cardamom. Indian cardamom was traditionally considered as a therapeutic  and it is applied in Ayurveda.  Nowdays, it is also cultivated in some other countries, such as Gautemala, Malaysia and Tanzania. The German coffee planter Oscar Majur...


pichwai painting

Pichwai Paintings

Pichwai or ‘Pichvai’ is an art form that has its roots in Sanskrit pich or ‘behind’, vai or ‘textile hanging.’ This art has constantly...

Basket Weaving

bengal pat

Bengal Pat

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