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Bronze ware #Karnataka

Metalcraft is very old in this state. It is carried in the traditional way using the cire perdue, lost wax method. The temples have an attractive display of this art and it speaks volume...

Baisakhi – The Harvest Festival #Celebrating India

Celebrated vibrantly among the Sikhs, this festival calls for the beginning of New Year. To mark the harvest of Rabi crops, and to celebrate the foundation of Khalsa Panth, this festival is celebrated all...

The Land of Crafts : Tirukanur Papier Mache crafts

India is a country with the second largest population. While economists see it as a threat, examples show that this is rather a boon. The land which gave us Hyderabad pearls, Mysore silk and...

Channapatna Toys And Dolls

Channapatna toys are the wooden toys that get their name from the town of Channapatna (Gombegala ooru) in Ramanagar district in the state of Karnataka, India. The journey of Channapatna to become the "Toy Town...
swadesi, cane

Cane Products #Assam

Cane is one of the most commonly used materials in Assam. There are many cane products used in houses, people working in the agriculture field, chairs, table, stools, etc. This may be due to...

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Molakalmuru Sarees


Patola – “Queen of Silks”



DEHRORI – A heavenly dessert

THE ORIGIN OF DEHRORI: Chattisgarh is an East Indian state carved out of Madhya Pradesh. Chattisgarh is also called the "rice bowl of central India...

Parinde Mein Parinda

In current times where fast foods like instant noodles, burgers, momos etc. are a rage, traditional Indian cuisines are slowly losing its popularity among...


Narayanapet Sarees

Swadesi team has a good news for the lovers of sarees. We bring heaps of sarees in different styles, textures, fabric and for different...

Dhakai #Mughals Jamdhani

India is a land of various cultures, traditions, and diversities. Food occupies a major part of cultivation and production and one other sector which...


Konkan Stone Carving

Before 20th century, it was the carving through which art was implanted on vessels, walls and doors. Stone carving in Orissa has been prevailing...


Dhokra handicraft uses one of the earliest and advanced methods of metal casting known to human civilization. The uninterrupted practice together with the inherent accuracy and liveliness of the art form makes Dhokra desirable by mass. One uniqueness of this art is that it is comprised of scrap metals so it is eco-friendly. Let’s take a look at certain...


puneri pagdi

The Turbun Of Virility-Puneri Pagadi

Similar to the aura related to the sarees in India, it’s masculinity with the turban. With around numerous traditions, the “Puneri Pagadi” is the...
leather toys

Leather Toys of Indore

Lacquer Toys #Etikoppaka

bobbili veena

Melody Of Bobbili Veena


Guntur Sannam Chilli

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