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Screw Pine Craft of Kerala

Screw pine craft or pine craft is a traditional cottage industry in Kerala. It was started as an empowerment tool for women in the geographical region but later became highly popular due to its...

Sandalwood Craft of Karnataka

Sandalwood, also known as Chandan in India, is one of the most fragrant trees known to human beings. The use of Chandan is abundant in every Indian household and the name needs no new...

Design That Lasts Forever #The Kasuti Of Karnataka

Kasuti is a world famous embroidery of Karnataka (state of India), earlier known as Mysore State. The motifs and the art speak about the tradition, customs, and profession of the people of Karnataka. The...

Cheriyal Scroll Paintings

India has long been considered unique for the vast and inordinate amount of rich heritage that lied buried in its past. A nation full of culture and tradition, India is the home to several...

Karimnagar Silver Filigree Craft

Filigree is a special branch of jewelry which is made by manipulating thin ductile metal threads, usually made from gold or silver. They are very delicate and attractive. Very fine flexible metals are curled,...

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Nation’s Party Capital- Goa

Located on the western coast of the country is a land full of beaches and churches, Goa. Boasting of architecture that is over 300...

The Charismatic Vrindavan

Uttar Pradesh has a major place for Pilgrimage known as Vrindavan. The childhood memories of Lord Krishna has been immersed in every corner of...


Bengali Sarees

  Saree is traditional Indian clothing for woman that goes back to hundreds of years. It is the most demanding attire for celebrations that is...

Narayanapet Sarees

Swadesi team has a good news for the lovers of sarees. We bring heaps of sarees in different styles, textures, fabric and for different...


Annexure of Divinity and Dexterity: THE DILWARA TEMPLES

The temple is the place that gives the focus for all aspects of daily life within the Hindu community - spiritual, cultural, academic and social.All aspects of the Hindu temple specialize in the...


Dhokra handicraft uses one of the earliest and advanced methods of metal casting known to human civilization. The uninterrupted practice together with the inherent accuracy and liveliness of the art form makes Dhokra desirable by mass. One uniqueness of this art is that it is comprised of scrap metals so it is eco-friendly. Let’s take a look at certain...


bobbili veena

Melody Of Bobbili Veena

Bobbili Veena is one of the many instruments of ancient times that has constantly been catching the eye of numerous people around. This Veena...

Lacquer Toys #Etikoppaka

Warangal Carpets

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