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bronze ware

Karnataka’s bronze-ware : ‘Lost Wax’

Karnataka is supposed to be one of the leading and most progressive states of Southern India. Being rich in heritage, food industry, and clothing culture, it has also fairly contributed to enhancing the temple structures...
sandalwood craft

Sandalwood Crafts #Karnataka

Sandalwood is the fragrant heartwood of some of the species of genus Santalum of family Santalaceae and has been valued for centuries for its fragrance, woodworking and various medicinal qualities, perfume industry, and fairness remedies....

Handloom sector overview #Telangana

Handloom sector plays a key role the economic development of the state providing employment to the more than 240 lakhs handloom weavers in Telangana. It is the one of the oldest profession in India,...

Kinhal toys #Karnataka

Karnataka has the immensely rich and artistic heritage. One of the most flourishing crafts was wooden toys of Kinhal, Karnataka Kinhal, a small village of Raichur district in Karnataka. The well-known craft in this...

Nazu Festival #Nagaland

Nazu is rejuvenating festival of Nagaland. Officially it is a festival celebrated by Pochury tribe, who reside in the dense valleys of Nagaland. The festival marks the dawn of agriculture season. It is celebrated...

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Olan – Simple and delectable dish from Kerala

Kerala, also known as God’s own country is famous for its beautiful landscapes, rich culture, lazy backwaters and of course, for its rich and...

kadlekai Parishe 2013

It is always nice to go towards Basavanagudi and Gandhi Bazaar because it reminds one of old Bangalore. Kadlekai Parishe is a 2 day...


Organic Vegetables

Organic vegetables have better taste and of course better health benefits than the conventional produce. They have more antioxidants, more vitamins and minerals such...

Traditional Kerala Attire

The numerous states of India all have their unique costumes and food choices but Kerala is one state which is almost equated with those...



Kapilvastu- The Treasure Of World

The ‘Amazon of Asia’ has always been one of the top-rated tourism spots in the world. Well, credits to this country’s beautiful culture, astonishing...


Dresses #Swadesi!

Swadesi is an online shopping store that provides good quality products at reasonable price. Swadesi identifies producers and help them to get their customers by providing an online platform. They purchase from producers in bulk and sell to customers online. This is a producer to consumer( P to C). As the name suggests their products are made in INDIA from...


mural painting

Mural Paintings #Kerala

Kerala is a land of the lord, and it is also known as God's country. It has a rich tradition of ancient murals painting.Kerala...
rajasthan, swadesi.com

Gota Craft #Rajasthan

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