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Pattachitra: The Beauty From Odisha

As they say, painting is not just an art, but an expression. It is a way you connect with others and express your thoughts either on canvas, wall or any other medium. The rich use...

Sholapith Craft

Sholapith or Shola Pith (also referred to as Shola and Indian cork) is a dried milky-white spongy plant matter which can be pressed and shaped into delicate and beautiful objects of art.Almost similar to...

Crafting Clay Into Divine Symbols #Molela

When it comes to devotion and worshipping we can find various ways of expressing gratitude to the supreme soul. Among these, today, we are going to discuss one such worship which is also an...

Ravan chhaya: Shadow puppetry

Shadow play which is also known as shadow puppetry is an ancient form of storytelling and entertainment which uses flat articulated cut-out figures (shadow puppets) which are held between a source of light and a translucent...
The play in progress

Prahlada Nataka

Prahlada nataka is a century old traditional theatre play popular in the Ganjam district of Orissa. The play is written in Sanskrit and colloquial Oriya. It was first performed during the reign of Raja...

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The Charismatic Vrindavan

Uttar Pradesh has a major place for Pilgrimage known as Vrindavan. The childhood memories of Lord Krishna has been immersed in every corner of...

CHHENA PODA: Showstopper Dish Of Orissa

Chhena Poda also known as paneer cake is a sweet delicacy from the state of Orissa. It was invented in the first half of the twentieth...


Bengali Sarees

  Saree is traditional Indian clothing for woman that goes back to hundreds of years. It is the most demanding attire for celebrations that is...

Dhakai #Mughals Jamdhani

India is a land of various cultures, traditions, and diversities. Food occupies a major part of cultivation and production and one other sector which...


Konkan Stone Carving

Before 20th century, it was the carving through which art was implanted on vessels, walls and doors. Stone carving in Orissa has been prevailing...


jute, swadesi
Global warming and greenhouse effects are making the condition of earth worse, in such time all we need to do is remember the 3 R’s Reuse, Recycle and Reduce. So we need to use such materials that can help us. Jute being a natural fibre helps us in making beautiful handicrafts and multi-purpose quality products. So to curb this...


leather toys

Leather Toys of Indore

Who keeps your baby busy? Also, gives your house a great look. Toys! Doesn't matter how old you are, they are always there for...

Ganjam Kewda Perfume

Lacquer Toys #Etikoppaka

Warangal Carpets

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