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cane baskets

Cane Craft

The cane is used for making common household accessories. The cane sticks are skillfully tied and bent together to make furniture, racks, swing, baskets etc. The varying thickness of cane is used for making the articles. Cane is the raw material...
Brij Raj Bhawan Palace

Brij Raj Bhawan Palace

This is Brij Raj Bhawan Palace which has attracted the who’s who of Britain and India. It was originally built in 1830 to serve as the residence of British officials, and about 60 years...
hemis festival

Hemis Gompa Festival

India is a land that gives importance to each religion and respects every custom. India celebrates various occasions with grandeur and sparks. These festivals exhibit the culture of the region making it extraordinary and...
goa carnival

Goa Carnival

Goa Carnival also called ‘Carnaval’, ‘Intruz’or ‘Entrado’ is the largest carnival in India and the only one that happens in Asia. It is a festival that has been celebrated since the Portuguese introduced it...
Madai Festivalof Chhattisgarh

Madai Festival – The festival that travels

India is a country with great diversity. It is rich with vibrant culture. The states of India have a lot of tribes; Adivasi’s the native people of India, who till date celebrate their customs,...

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Dazzling Dhokra


kadlekai Parishe 2013

It is always nice to go towards Basavanagudi and Gandhi Bazaar because it reminds one of old Bangalore. Kadlekai Parishe is a 2 day...
sidu tasty

Sidu #Himachal’s traditional dish

Siddu or Sidu is one of the most popular dishes of Himachal Pradesh, it is one of the favorite food item of the people...


Nongkrem Dance Festival-A Beauty of Meghalaya

India is known in the world for its tradition, variety, uniqueness, and culture. A famous slogan told for India “Unity in Diversity” is proved...
Bull surfing in Kerala- Maramadi Festival

Bull Surfing in Kerala: Maramadi Festival

Bull Surfing — or the Maramadi Festival — is a post-harvest season festival celebrated in the villages of Kerala, the southern part of India,...


Brihadeshwara Temple, Thanjavur

Brihadisvara Temple, Thanjavur

Brihadisvara temple is a peerless piece of architecture and a remarkable Hindu temple built in between 1003 and 1010 AD by the Tamil ruler,...


toor dal
Toor dal, also known as arhar dal or pigeon dal(Cajanus cajan) is a brilliant source of carbohydrates. Like the salt that enhances food taste, this pulse which is mild-flavored goes well with different flavours and blend in to provide a better taste to a wide range of foods. A piece of good news for all the vegans out there...


ambubasi festival

Ambubasi Fair

A week-long Ambubasi Mela is organized during the monsoon (Assamese month of Ahaar) at Kamakhya temple in Guwahati, Assam. According to the Hindu calendar,...
The Hestia Tapestry

Tapestry: Re-Birth of a Fabric

folk dance festival - daman

Folk Dance Festival

The Kashi Vishwanath Temple

The Kashi Vishwanath Temple

sandur lambani

Sandur Lambani Embroidery

Kinnauri Shawl

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All India Kalidasa Festival

Salwar Suit

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