Organic Foods in India


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If you walk into a grocery store you will find hundreds of choices with labels on each item saying, low fat, sugar-free, high fiber and what not.

Organic Foods in India

Among all these items it is very necessary to choose the right kind of product you are actually looking for and which will keep you healthy. Organic foods are one those right items which will keep you fit and healthy, burn more fat and build muscles.

List of  Organic Foods

  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Bread
  • Meat
  • Fruit snack – Mango

Swadesi brings to you a list of organic foods which will keep you fit and healthy:

  1. Eggs

Scrambled, poached or fried these heart-healthier eggs cook up flavourful and fluffy.
One large egg:
70 calories
6 grams (g) protein
0 g carbs
4 g fat

  1. Milk

Stonyfield Organic Reduced Fat

It’s creamy, without the calories of whole milk.
1 cup:
130 calories
8 g protein
13 g carbs
5 g fat

  1. Bread

Organic Whole Grain Health Loaf
Sweetened with honey and topped with sesame and sunflower seeds, it’s the perfect slice for sandwiches.
1 slice:
140 calories
5 g protein
27 g carbs (4 g fiber)
2 g fat

  1. Meat

Organic Roasted Turkey Breast
Try some of this lean, luscious protein rolled and slathered with pesto.
2 oz:
50 calories
10 g protein
1 g carbs
0 g fat

  1. Fruit snack – Mango

Only one ingredient: dried organic mangoes.
Per bag:
120 calories
2 g protein
28 g carbs (2 g fiber)
0 g fat


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