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Brass, glass and more for jewellery


R K Arts specializes in all kinds of imitation jewellery. “ There is such a large variety in imitation jewellery and the material could range from glass to brass,” says R KPassi. Besides jewellery, the export house also deals in purses, bags, scarves and pareos. Gloves too, are a much sought-after item while it also specializes in embroidered shawls. With it page45aexpertise from 1980 onwards, RK Art realizes how important it is to make a product look attractive and yet durable. Designs play a very important part and the colour combinations are of utmost importance when it comes to embroidery on shawls or designs on bags.

Having been in the business for so many years, the company has spread its wings and has clients from one end of the world to another. From Europe to USA to Canada and Australia, RK Arts is known for its quality products. Additionally, products made out of brass, glass and iron not only give it the flexibility to create new designs and meet different tastes of different clients from across the globe. If and when required it is ready to introduce new products and face new challenges in the growing market.



R. K. Arts Pvt. Ltd.

Experience to cater to world tastes



Whether it is bag or fashion accessories, Sawhney Brothers is popular with its clients for its quality products. “We lay a lot of emphasis on the quality of our products irrespective of its page44awide range,” says A S Sawhney. The export house makes bags of cotton that are colourful and attractive and above all, durable. Hand embroidered scarves are yet another item which it is famous for with its clients. Shawls and printed stoles of various shapes and
fabrics carry the traditional Indian art to its clients abroad.

The wide variety and the high-class quality has made Sawhney Brothers popular with different clients across Europe and South America. In fact, this export house is probably one of the oldest houses that has been exporting to countries in South America. It has been in the business for the past 43 years and it experience speaks in the quality and superiority that it has been able to maintain for the past so many decades with its clients.



Sawhney Brothers

Jewellery to suit Different tastes


ITL Export House has been able to create jewellery from various kinds of materials. Whether it is stone or metal or shell or wood, they just have to put use their magical wand.”With passion and artistic skills we are able to create fashion jewellery which is page43aethnic and can steal the show for any lady,” says Sagar Mehta. Designer jewellery, costume jewellery made from different materials has made the export house popular with their clients since as far back as 1995. “Our teams of designers are our main strength. They are
always creating new designs keeping the different clients in mind. Different moods and different occasions are also important and jewellery has to be designed differently for different times,” says the exporter. Because of the versatile nature of their jewellery prepared from different materials and different styles they have been able to attract clients from across the globe. Whether it is USA, Canada, Australia or Europe, their jewellery has many takers. And to satisfy the different tastes from clients from different countries is an uphill task, but the exporter is happy to meet new challenges with their expert design team even though designs and tastes differ appreciably from continent to continent.




QTL Export House