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Excellence in bio-degradable bags


Amrit Impex has been a renowned name in the cotton and jute bag industry since it started out in 1997. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Amrit Impex’s products are eco-friendly, natural and bio-degradable. Therefore, the bags produced by it find markets all over the world. Known for its impeccable designs, it exports products to countries all around the world. It guarantee of excellent quality has helped it grow by leaps and bounds. All of its products boast of being eco-friendly, natural and bio-degradable. What is equality impressive is the fact that it does all of its fabric cutting, printing, embroidery, handwork, stitching, quality control and packing in-house. Not only does have its own team which designs these products, but it’s also take individual orders, which accommodate the specifications given by the buyers.

There is a great demand for these bags all over the Europe and the United Sates. Ajay
Buchasia, the pioneer of this extremely successful enterprise, say’s, “Customers in Europe mostly prefer jute bags while those in the US tend to opt for the cotton ones.” He also page24aaintends to make people realize the importance of using these eco-friendly products, and make them popular enough so that in the near future, they are used by everyone. So if you going green is the way for you, a bag from Amrit Impex is a must have.




Amrit Impex Pvt. Ltd.

Different designs for different countries


Innovation and imagination is the key to fashion jewellery. Rakesh Daing of Elcorp Private Limited does not use precious metals such as gold or silver though brass and stainless steel is extensively utilized. The term fashion jewellery is a misnomer since the creations are everyday-use items. Therefore, the cost factor comes into play. A part from using traditional beads, the company used new concepts: cloth beads and related accessories are put to good use.
Elcorp has its own design team many of whom have done professional designing courses. In addition, it has a designer from Greece and that gives the design team an extremely competitive edge. The company’s design concepts differ depending on the countries where its main markets are. For example, the preferences of Italians, Spanish and French page23aaare different though they are all Europeans. On the other hand, the Japanese prefer sleek designs. The concept of one design fitting all is not there in this industry. Similar
differences are prevalent in the domestic market as well Elcorp’s major market is Europe. Apart from that, Rakesh Daing sends designs to Japan and China while the USA accounts for just seven percent of its exports.





Fashion and tradition go hand-in-hand


If you always strive to look for something that can spice up your wardrobe, then Aar Fashions is a leading fashion accessories supplier, manufacturer and exporter. Ranjit Routray is proud to cater to the international market with his product line of fashion wear since 2004.

He claimed, “We had great challenges in the beginning but now we are proud to be one of the best creators of scarves and shawls in both hand woven and silk. Over the years we have earned recognition for ourselves and our products in the global market.”

page22aaAar Fashions offers a wide range in colours and designs that are mainly developed by their in-house team of professionally qualified and experienced designers who always try and prefer to incorporate the ethnic and traditional designs of India in their creations. The untold patterns, exotic hues and exclusive styles speak highly of the excellence of the team of professionals. While keeping the quality standards at the highest, Aar Fashions prefers to produce only 100 percent eco-friendly products.



Aar Fashions