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Grass Baskets


Ranidongri- the basket makers in disguise Amongst the simple yet colourful life of Ranidogi, a small village in Madhya Pradesh one can easily spot the women weaving beautiful grass baskets in various sizes. These baskets of the region are popular in various other places in the vicinity of Madhya Pradesh. As the women are busy preparing these beautiful baskets, men of this village are known for the dancing and acting skills.


The heartwarming gesture that you will receive when your visit their home will just make you fall in love with the place. They will sing welcoming songs meanwhile you can relax in the mud clads, huge and beautiful courtyard that will make your visit worth it. The depths of their eyes and voices will be soothing. It’s one of the villages where the guests are treated like the gods. These acts of singing, dancing and basket weaving aren’t just for passion but also a source of livelihood for these folks.


looking to explore a historical and mythological chapter which is full of ancient Indian then Ranidongri may provide a worthwhile choice to you. A visit to this place is a must for those seeking some time off from the hectic city life.

kadlekai Parishe 2013


It is always nice to go towards Basavanagudi and Gandhi Bazaar because it reminds one of old Bangalore. Kadlekai Parishe is a 2 day fair, a cultural practice observed for 400 years now; all the groundnut growers from the nearby districts and even some from Tamil Nadu attend this fair. Besides groundnut (in all forms – roasted, raw, salted, boiled, etc), you can also find a lot of other things like in a regular village fair. Here are some pics that I took today.

BTW, in Kannada, kadlekai = groundnut and   parishe = fair


all the growers setup their shop on the road


not just on the bull temple road, but on the cross roads too


this was on the first day, in the morning; gets quite crowded as the day progresses





India has the world’s second largest population. Today, India has various cultures, beliefs, lifestyle and the blend of almost everything present in the world; one of the oldest cultures of the world is present in India with the latest touch. The youth is the pillar of the country’s financial regulation, with so many religions and equal rights to all of them which makes India one of the unique subcontinent on this planet. Everything you see in India, are the habits and beliefs rooted thousands of years ago, with little and much modifications over the period of time.

No matter where you are in India, you will find a unique taste of their culture in every little thing. India has 29 states and seven union territories, all with different cultures, lifestyles and food, which means hundreds of various kind of dishes of food and drinks are at your disposal to mesmerize.

People in India are crazy about food. They are the real food lovers. Each and every home in India has that special smell of ‘tadka’. From the streets to the five star hotels, food here is delicious and made of joy. Let’s take a peep in to the food culture of the country.


Indian food culture:

While travelling to North India the most advisable dishes to try are Chole Bhature from Amritsar, Delhi’s chat, Rajasthani Dal-bati and Kashmiri Rogan Josh. The Kashmiri spices are eye-watering and Indians know the best use of them. In Punjab you will never be able to leave a place without getting offered a GIGANTIC glass of Lassi. North Indian cuisine contains maximum amount of dairy products such as milk, paneer, ghee, and yoghurt along with hundreds of variety in chicken dishes. “Makke di Roti, and Sarso da Saag” make everyone’s mouth water. These are just some popular and common dishes you will find in North Indian food culture.

Now moving towards South, the “Hyderabadi Biriyani” and various Hyderabadi meat dishes are one of the most favorite foods in India. Also in Southern parts, you will find extensive varieties in seafood. While Kerela offers special cuisines such as olan, sambar, rasam, nendarangai chips, paalpradaman, aviyal, pulissery, erucherri, kalan, upperis, pachady, and kichadi, majorly based on wheat and for non-vegans, one can have varieties of fish curry and dishes.

Going West, you arrive at the food capitals of the country and foodaholics, GUJARAT and MAHARASHTRA. In Gujarat you will find everything covered in veggies and nonveggies. People are mad over food in Gujarat and with signature dishes like Dhokala, Khaman, Khandvi, Tehpla, Khichdi, Handvo and many more, you should never miss it. For Maharashtra, the fast-food are the most popular and extremely delicious. Signature dishes like Batata Vada,Pav Bhaji, Misal Pav and Vada Pav originated from there and are today available on every food street in the country.



Places to visit:

There are places in India, which are only famous for food. There are streets filled with stalls and rush of the people. You can try one dish with different tastes and all of them are equally good. In Delhi, Paranthe Wali Gali is very popular for selling large variety in parathas. It’s cheap, healthy and tasty.

In Mumbai, you want to test the greatest food of India ‘Pav Bhaji’ available everywhere or at sardar’s which is at five minutes of walking distance from the Mumbai central station. For Kheema Pav, the best place to visit in Mumbai would be Olympia Coffee House and you will find that, Juices and milkshakes are really best at Bachelorr’s.

Pragati gali in Hyderabad is famous for serving delicious breakfast such as Idlis, Dosas, Upma, Medu Vada and Pongal. Go to Mitra Café for the best non veg. food in Kolkata. The Mutton Kabiraji cutlet here is stuffed awesome with minced mutton, wrapped in an egg net and deep-fried which is heaven for any non-vegan foodaholic. When in Bangalore you can head to Brahmin’s Coffee Bar at Basavanagudi for the best traditional South Indian food. Crispy vadas and hot rice and idili are delicious there combined with your choice of tea and coffee.

If you are in Ahmedabad, one should go to law garden for the best of street food and after mid-night you can visit Manek Chowk, where you will find delicious varieties of food all night. Best multi-cuisine food by “Mirch Masala” and “Red Tomatoes” are a no go.


Seafood in India:

The coastal areas in India have been developing the very best of international seafood lately. Some of them are the adaption of the other countries and some are Indian exclusives.

Indian fish dishes come with a delicious tangy flavor. South Indians are expert preparing the fish dishes. Every state has their unique way of preparing the fish, but the most popular are frying it and with curry. The best kinds of fish dishes are available in Goa, Kerala and West Bengal.

Apart from fishes, prawns are best in coastal areas.  Prawns dishes are easy and quick to make. It is usually cooked with olive oil, chili and with some Indian spices.

Lobsters are rapidly becoming a popular must have seafood in India. In some cultures it is best served in parties and marriage functions. Masala lobster is the most preferable dish in many states.

Oyster stays in the spiciest category of seafood, filled with lots delicious smells and tastes. There are different ways of preparing oysters like deep frying and boiled. Indian seafood also includes snails known as Baigai. Snails are very popular in Indian villages. The main sources of Snails for villagers are paddy fields, lakes and rivers.


The quick and easy food culture:

There are quick ways to reach to the best food in India and the trend is rapidly increasing to popularity, especially in metro cities. Ordering food online and with a phone call is the latest trend nowadays for the busy working Indians. Dominos, Mac Donald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC, Papa John’s, Subway, Taco Bell, Dunkin’ Donuts, Baskin-Robbins, Burger King, Sal’s Pizza are snugging their way in to the market, reaching to the most of cities in the country. They have truly recognized the Indian test and have prepared their food accordingly.

The local restaurant chains are also popular and providing the good dining and home delivery experience. Barbeque Nation, Barista Lavazza, Café Coffee Day, Faaso’s, Burgs, Bikanervala, Creambell, Pizza Corner and Smokin’ Joe’s are some of the popular Indian brands.

For the corporate and Business class there are plenty of options available for a luxurious experience along with exotic tastes in India. Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces, Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Oberoi Hotels & Resorts, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Royal Orchid Hotels, Hyatt, ITC Hotels, The Leela Palace, Kempinski, The LaLiT Hotels, Palaces and Resorts are some of the top notch names offering the luxurious and refreshing dining experience to locals and foreigners.