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Bags are one of the products which have earned recognition for Enkay Exports (India) Ltd. In the international market. However, this is not the only product but Enkay has quite a long list of creative articles in its booty which are manufactured and exported by Enkay 73aasince 1982. During the span of these three decades, Enkay has penetrated and created a place for itself in almost every nook and corner of the globe. Enkay products are welcomed by all types of buyers in the global market and they get a prominent niche display in every store. As per Mr. Ankit Jain of Enkay, “The pace of change in designs in accessories is very rapid and varies from season to season. What may be a hot selling item today may not be even looked at after few months. Our in house creative team of experienced and polished designers has the capability to understand the pulse of the ever changing bazaars and always ready with the attractive and easily acceptable fresh designs. “He added, “We are appreciative to the contribution of EPCH in our business. It provided us a very good platform which added to our company growth.”


Enkay Exports  (India) Ltd.

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