Showcase of creative Bags and more

Bags and more bags; that is what Shan International specializes in. “There is so much variety that we can create in bags. Different materials, different designs only give a finished product, which is colourful and durable,” says Harpreet Singh Chawla.

page40a                Bags are made out of leather and cotton. Adding beads to an ordinary cotton bag enhances the show and the end result is a client’s delight. Bags are considered fashion accessories and that is the focus of this export house, which has been sending its products overseas for the last 26 years. The creativity and designs of these bags are so vast that the export house has been able to capture the attention of the clients. These clients are spread across the world.

Chawla believes that a creative design team is a big asset and the team believes in keeping up by changing its designs very frequently. “Designs and demands vary from country to country and we are open to serving our clients demand to the fullest,” says Chawla. With help from EPCH, Shan International has been able to gain help and advice about markets and trends.




Shan International