The creations of a craftsman

“People are really lucky who get a chances in their life to settle themselves in a career of their own choice and I consider myself to be one of those lucky people. Like everyone else,
I also had dreams in my eyes when I started this venture in 2004, “says Abhishek Arun Jain 89aaof Abhishek Creative Impex. He added, “The job of a creator is most gratifying and you feel
ecstatic when your buyers or the ultimate user of your products expresses such views.”

The major strength of an artisan’s creativity is reflected in his art of bleeding modern designs with ethnic traditions and at Abhshek Creative Impex this is the thumb rule that is inculcated in the in-house team of designing professionals. Jain specified, “We have a huge variety of products and designs and this is a result of technological advancement, research and development. “The variation in the choice of buyers from one market to another is sometimes quite steep. Therefore, designs have to be quite innovative and should be created by considering the expectations and choice of buyers from a particular market.



Abhishek Creative Impex