Tips for content writing.



Web content writing is more of a fun writing. We can literally use casual language as it relates more to most of the readers. So, First things first what are supposed to do to grab the attention of a reader
Know your audience. Most of the readers for higher education are students and parents. They should be your first priority. Second comes alumni,staff and faculty.Last but not the least learn what your audience is looking for through surveys,feedbacks,etc.
Give them what they are looking for. Most of the readers expect short and crisp passages which are easy to understand. Use bullet points like I am doing right now to jot down important points(Like points to remember).
Keep your language simple. The language should be written in the simplest way possible. Never ever try to impress your audience through your IQ.
Never create unnecessary content. You want readers to read your passage and they only want valuable information so keep it precise.Never prolong any idea as it will bore your reader.
Never Cut&Paste any content. Always refresh the content which you want to reuse. Always avoid outdated information as it may cause conflicts. Keep your writing style consistent as it helps the reader read easily.
Content should be easily accessible. The reader should be able to find anything in a easy way. Use descriptive language as it helps in understanding the content in a better way. Make the content as creative as possible like adding bullet points, headers ,links , etc.
Make your content ageless. Its always better when you donโ€™t use dates unless needed .
Always get your content edited. It gets better as people read it and find faults. So, you can always correct the mistakes and make it the best content.

T.Naga Raju

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