Unique jewellery creations From Ramayana

Ramayana Handcrafts has been in the jewellery business since 1982.”We concentrate on designing and production of necklaces, earrings and bracelets: everything that adds to give the classy look,” says Ashok Kumar Gupta. Besides costume jewellery, the export house also concentrates on products like fashion accessories, which include hair page41aaccessories. Jewellery made out of bone/horn are other popular items.

Jewellery made out of metal has always been in fashion and wooden jewellery is attracting the attention of many, says the manufacturers. The expertise of the exporting house has taken it far and near. Today, Ramayana Handcrafts exports to countries like the USA, Japan and Middle East. It is its emphasis on designs and quality that has made the company so popular with its clients since it began in 1982. “Although designs do vary from country to country, we do find a lot of similarity in tastes from clients in Europe and the USA,” says Gupta. Although the export house is not looking at adding a new range of products it has however, added bags to its existing products.



Ramayana Handicrafts