Virgin Coconut Oil – Uses and Benefits

Coconut oil, also known as Copra oil, is an edible oil that is extracted from the kernels of coconuts. Coconut oil has very high levels of fats, up to 99%, thus it is advised that consumption of coconut oil on a daily basis should be limited. 

The fats that are present in this coconut oil gives a lot of health benefits. The energy present in virgin coconut oil helps in burning fats, thus in turn in helps you for weight loss. Since the oil itself also has a high amount of fats present, it is important that we combine this diet with regular exercise and a balanced diet. 

You can use virgin coconut oil in your daily consumption. You can add it as a flavour enhancer in your daily morning tea or coffee. It is also known for making curries more lip-smacking. It is also used to bake pastries and cakes.

Thus, coconut oil has its own benefits and needs to be consumed in a more aware way.

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