Writing Effectively For The Web

Writing for the web is entirely different from conventional writings in newspaper, magazines etc. The readers on the web tend to hop between paragraphs while reading content.Therefore your content must be engaging enough else you might lose the reader. So here are few important rules to keep in mind while writing an effective web content:
Know your reader
Get to know your reader’s type whether they are male or female, their age group, etc. A particular content caters to a particular set of readers so try having full knowledge about readers who are going to read your content.If you write your content keeping the reader in mind you will connect to your readers a lot better and they will relate to your writings.
Content must be short, simple and informative
Always use a simple vocabulary. Use layman terms to explain something complex. Playing with words can confuse the readers.If you are using a technical term, explain it properly. Basically, your content must be such that a reader understands in one go.
The content must be informative for the user and user should get what he wants from it. Deviating from the topic of content can be really uncool and it makes the article lengthy too, so avoid it completely. Also, avoid redundancy and keep adding some real life examples to your content. There is nothing more convincing than a real life references.
Structure of the content
Write the article in an inverted pyramid format i.e the starting of the paragraph or sentence must contain the most useful content. You can divide the content uniformly into paragraphs and in bullet points further. This makes content easy to understand.
Catchy heading and keywords
The heading is usually the first thing a reader looks so make sure you come up with a creative heading. You can use some popular keywords in your content but missing them makes the content inappropriate. Remember, heading and keywords make up an important part of the search engine optimization(SEO).
Last but not the least after you are done with writing, read it a couple of times and make necessary changes (get rid of spelling errors and grammatical errors). Usually, the first draft of your writing is not perfect, so it is ok to make changes in it if required. Get some other person to read your article too. A different person can provide you with a much-needed feedback and some important changes.