Mother’s Love

Be it the foothills of Uttarakhand, ranges in Nepal or valleys in Ladakh, you are bound to find a courtyard scene where mothers and grandmothers would either be fending for freshly reared wool, or spinning and weaving it or knitting them with the help of the knitting needles as they are busy twitching and tussling with the colorful balls of wool leaving an endless trail. One cannot deny that mothers are strange beings who seem to have that caring aspect in every gesture of theirs, irrespective of class, social status or even caste and thus an atmosphere comprising of hot tea with some flavored chit-chat is just the perfect one for the mothers to put the babies to sleep in their warm lap. Was it the warmth of their lap or the sweet conversation marking their presence which made the child feel so peaceful at heart?

It was their love and care which made them knit unstoppably resulting in some of the most treasured winter clothes of childhood days, be it the baggy sweater which would fall till the knees, or the pink lacy socks or the caps with tassels on either sides. They would do anything to keep us covered in the warmth of their lap. Not only these, but she would also decorate wears using the vivid colored flowers of the garden where would play all day. Our life would become all shining and bright with colors like pink, yellow, blue, red in the black and white winters of Himalayas.

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